Homeless on Campus

Bring knowledge to the anonymous college students that sit in our classrooms- who doesnt have a consistent resting place. They ‘couch surf’, and backpack within the campus perimeter. Is it possible wise spirits that wrapped in adolscenes choose a alternative that is an nationwide issue?

Some choose it because of the expense of room and board but some, some are forced to choose.

Named after Mary Jean husband, Andre- the LeTendre Grant is to assist college students (that are under 21) who are homeless and/or experiencing homelessness during K-12. Homelessness for the program is not having an adequate regular place of residence. The essay states the myth society has that once in college you should “pull up your boot straps”, but the myth is quoted towards all adults in the US. 

I pray for those who expderience this tribulation.



Know where you stand.


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"The heart is extremely fertile soil. Whatever is planted there, good or bad, will take root and grow."

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